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Aurelio Marinho Jargas
txt2tags author

2005-12-26: Writing Books translated to Spanish

Antoni Serra Devecchi has translated the Writing Books to Spanish. See Documentation page.

2005-09-28: Czech translation combo

Spotlights on, it's Vlastimil Ott show time! He translated at once the Sample File, Markup Demo and Quick Reference documents to Czech. See Documentation page.

2005-09-05: User Guide translated to German

Andreas Deininger has translated the big User Guide to German. See Documentation page.

2005-08-12: Txt2tags project and donations

After 4 years of txt2tags, donations are now turned ON. SourceForge has a nice built-in donate feature (via PayPal), so I thought "Why not?". If you like to donate to Open Source software, now you can. If you don't, just ignore the Donate button.

FAQ: Nothing changes. Txt2tags will never be paid-software. I don't expect to become rich. The site won't be spammed with Donate buttons. Txt2tags continues to be a one-man spare-time project, with the help of many volunteers.

2005-08-05: The Txt2tags Team Gallery

As you may have noticed by the latest news, the translators are working very hard, even fighting the big 50-page User Guide. Doing so, they have their nice happy picture placed on the brand-new Txt2tags Team Gallery. Don't miss this link, see them all! But I'm wondering... Why they keep translating even when their picture is already there? Maybe they are trying to impress Fabianne, the only girl on the team? ;)

2005-07-21: RSS feed for txt2tags news

Now you can be notified of txt2tags news using the site's RSS feed. Please don't abuse the refresh rate, "1 day" should be enough. Nerd Note: the feed is generated from a SED script that parses this page.

2005-07-11: Wanna contribute to the txt2tags project? Translate!

Check out the new Documentation page, now with links to the document sources and instructions on how to translate them. The most important documents are the shorter, so it is very quick to make a translation. Do you have some 15 or 30 spare minutes? Help us!

2005-07-11: New document: Quick Reference

There is a new document to help novice and experienced txt2tags users, the Txt2tags Quick Reference. It is a one-page PDF ready to print and stick to a wall around your desk. Don't think, download :) Thanks Josť InŠcio Coelho da Silva, Leslie Harlley Watter and Christof BŲckler for making their own quick references which inspired this one.

2005-06-17: Released 2.3 version

Guess what? New txt2tags release! After some months of silence, the red octopus rises again. This time there are new command line options --dump-source and --config-file, and a really nice table column span feature. You are a long time txt2tags user? So you will appreciate the new "Markup Rules" document. English is not your mother tongue? Maybe you should try the documents translated to French, Chinese and Hungarian. Read more about the news and download the new version!

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Txt2tags is a document generator. It reads a text file with minimal markup as **bold** and //italic// and converts it to the following formats:

The program follows the sacred KISS principle ("Keep It Simple, Stupid"), being a simple, fast-learning and easy-to-use tool. Read more...

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All the pages of this site are generated by txt2tags. The source files are also available, just change the .html extension by .t2t on the page URL. See the source of this one. The appearance config is made on this CSS file.

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