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Command Line Options

The fastest way of changing the txt2tags default behavior is to use command line options. This options are available on the Command Line Interface only, not on Gui or Web.

Just like the other system's tools, the program do accept a set of predefined options. An option is an hyphen followed by a letter or two hyphens followed by one or more words, like -t and --target.

Options that are generally used are --outfile to define a customized output file name, --toc to turn on the automatic TOC generation and --encoding to set the document character set. Most of the options can be turned off prefixing a "no-" before its name, for example: --no-encoding and --no-toc.

You can register the desired options for a source file inside its Config Area, using the %!options setting. This way you don't have to type them on the command line anymore. Example:

%!options: --toc -o mydoc.html

The exception is the target specification, that has its own setting:

%!target: html

Use the --help option to get a complete list of all the options available in txt2tags.

Learn more about %!options and %!target .

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