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Header Area


The Header Area is the only one that has a fixed position, line oriented. They are located at the first three lines of the source file.

These lines are content-free, with no static information type needed. But the following is recommended:

Keep in mind that the first 3 lines of the source document will be the first 3 lines on the target document, separated and with high contrast to the text body (i.e. big letters, bold). If paging is allowed, the headers will be alone and centralized on the first page.

Less (or None) Header lines

Sometimes the user wants to specify less than three lines for headers, giving just the document title and/or date information.

Just let the 2nd and/or the 3rd lines empty (blank) and this position will not be placed at the target document. But keep in mind that even blanks, these lines are still part of the headers, so the document body must start after the 3rd line anyway.

The title is the only required header (the first line), but if you leave it blank, you are saying that your document has no headers . So the Body Area will begin right after, on the 2nd line.

No headers on the document is often useful if you want to specify your own customized headers after converting. The command line option --no-headers is usually required for this kind of operation.

Straight to the point

In short: "Headers are just positions, not contents"

Place one text on the first line, and it will appear on the target's first line. The same for 2nd and 3rd header lines.

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