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Settings are special configurations placed at the source document's Config Area that can affect the conversion process. Their syntax is:

%! keyword : value

List of valid keywords:

TargetSet the default target to the document be converted to.
OptionsSet the default options to be used on the conversion. The format is the same as the command line options.
StyleSet the document style. Used to define a CSS file for HTML/XHTML and to load a package in LaTeX.
EncodingSet the document Character Set. Used if the document contains accented letters or other not-ASCII characters.
PreProcInput filter. Sets "find and replace" rules to be applied on the Body Area of the source document.
PostProcOutput filter. Sets "find and replace" rules to be applied on the converted document.


%!target  : html
%!options : --toc --toc-level 3
%!style   : fancy.css
%!encoding: UTF-8
%!preproc : "AMJ"        "Aurelio Marinho Jargas"
%!postproc: '<BODY.*?>'  '<BODY bgcolor="yellow">'

Note that the spacing and capitalization of the keyword are ignored. So you can also do %!Target:html and %! TARGET :html .

Learn more about settings in Part VII - Mastering Settings.

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