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The First Questions You May Have

This chapter is a txt2tags overview, that will introduce the program purpose and features.

What is it?

Txt2tags is a text formatting and conversion tool.

Txt2tags converts a plain text file with little marks, to any of the supported targets:

Why should I use it?

You'll find txt2tags really useful if you:

And the main motivation is:

Why is it a good choice among other tools?

Txt2tags has a very straight way of growing, following basic concepts. These are the highlights:

Source File ReadableTxt2tags marks are very simple, almost natural.
Target Document ReadableThe target document is also readable, with indentation and spacing.
Consistent MarksTxt2tags marks are simple symbols, designed to be unique enough to don't mix up with the document contents.
Consistent RulesAs the marks, the rules that applies to them are tied to each other, there are no "exceptions" or "special cases".
Simple StructuresAll the supported formatting are simple, with no extra-options or complicated behavior modifiers. A mark is just a mark, with no options at all.
Easy to LearnWith simple marks and readable source, the txt2tags learning curve is user friendly.
Nice ExamplesThe sample files included on the package gives real life examples of documents written for txt2tags.
Valuable ToolsThe syntax files included on the package help you to write documents with no syntax errors.
Three User InterfacesThere is a user friendly Graphical interface, a handy Web interface easy to install in intranets and a Command Line interface for power-users and scripting.
ScriptingWith the full featured command line mode, an experienced user can automatize tasks and do post-editing on the converted files.
Download and Run / Multi-platformTxt2tags is a single Python script. There is no need to compile it or download extra modules. So it runs nicely on *NIX, Linux, Windows and Macs.
MatureFirst released in 2001, txt2tags is now a mature program with years of improvements and bug fixes, extensive documentation, translations and an loyal user base.

Do I have to pay for it?

Absolutely NO!

It's free, GPL licensed.

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