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User Configuration File (RC File)

The user configuration file (also called RC file) is a central place to store the settings that will be shared by ALL converted files. If you keep inserting the same settings on every .t2t file you write, move it to the RC file and it will be used globally, for existing and future source files.

The default location of this file depends on your system. It can also be specified by the user, using an environment variable.

RC file location
UNIX, Linux, Mac$HOME/.txt2tagsrc
User definedT2TCONFIG variable

The format of the settings is exactly the same as the ones used on the .t2t files Config Area. There is a sample RC file on the package at doc/txt2tagsrc. Example:

% my configs

%%% Always use CSS-friendly tags in HTML
%!options(html): --css-sugar

%%% Change the default TOC depth for all targets
%!options: --toc-level 4

%%% Set the default encoding for all documents
%!options: --encoding UTF-8

Any line that is not blank, a comment or a valid config line will raise error when txt2tags runs. So be careful when editing this file.

Txt2tags automatically apply the RC file contents into any source file it is converting. If you want to disable this behavior for a specific file, use the --no-rc command line option.

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