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Writing the Document Body

Now back to the text editor, the next step is to type the document contents. You can write plain text as you normally do on email messages. You will see that txt2tags recognizes paragraphs and list of items automatically, you don't have to "mark" them.

Then again: save it, convert and check the results. This is the development cycle of a document in txt2tags. You just focus on the document contents, finishing documents faster than other editors. No mouse clicking, no menus, no windows, no distraction.

Considering the following contents for the test.txt file, which is only plain text, compare the generated HTML page:

My First Document
A txt2tags test
Sunday, 2004

Well, let's try this txt2tags thing.
I don't know what to write.

Mmmmmm, I know what I need to do now:
- Take a shower
- Eat a pizza
- Sleep

You can write a full homepage with 0% of HTML knowledge. You don't need to insert any tags. And more, the same text file can be converted to any of the other txt2tags supported formats.

Besides plain text, txt2tags has some very simple marks, that you'll use when you need some other formatting or structures like bold, italic, title, images, table and other. As a quick sample, **stars for bold** and == equals for title ==. You can learn the marks on the Txt2tags Markup Demo.

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