Official Announce

Txt2tags version 2.0 Released
July 25, 2004 by Aurelio Jargas

After more than a year of spare time coding and lots of
mailing list messages, the version 2.0 of txt2tags was
finished. It is the beginning of a new cycle, resulting
in a code rewrite that improved the program quality and
brought many new features.

Some hot spots are: XHTML support, code approved by W3C
validator (for HTML and XHTML), user configuration file
~/.txt2tagsrc, many new command line options, i18n, CSS
facilities and extra tools to help site managing.

Please go to the program site for a detailed description
of all new features and links to download it:

Hope you like it!

Txt2tags is a generic text conversion tool that generates
documents in various formats. It is a 3 years old free
software, part of the GNU project with a large user base.

Author Testimonial


The last released version of txt2tags is 1.7, dated Nov 30,
2003. After 8 months of silence, the 2.0 version is ready.

The work for this new 2.x series began in May 2003, when
I've forked the code of txt2tags version 1.5. That was
necessary to support the XHTML target, which required deep
changes on the program core.

It took me all this time (14 months) to finish it because
I'm a spare-time programmer, and the "spare" was really
rare in that period. Plus, versions 1.6 and 1.7 were coded
and released in parallel with v2.0 coding.

After intensive testing of the new code on my personal docs
and homepage, the first ALPHA release came out on Sep 2003.
There were a total of 5 ALPHA and 4 BETA releases tested by
the mailing list users, making this the most stressed and
polished txt2tags version.

As the first 0.1 version was released in Jul 26, 2001, this
2.0 release also marks 3 years of coding. I think now the
program reached a mature state, with a good base to keep
evolving, always following the sacred KISS principle.

I am also really excited with all the user contributions.
The program team grew and the tarball is full of goodies.

Take a time to test v2.0, I guess you will like it.

                 Aurelio Jargas, txt2tags author.