This document details all the new features introduced in txt2tags version 2.0. There are lots os them, read it all!

If you already use some previous version of the program, please read the Upgrade Guide first.

Big News

There are the real hotspots of the 2.0 release.

New supported target: XHTML

HTML and XHTML documents approved by W3C

User configuration file (RC)

New command %!includeconf

New command line options

--dump-config Shows all the configuration that was found
--debug Shows debug messages when converting a document
-v, --verbose Shows informative messages when converting a document
-i, --infile Specify the source file (.t2t)
--encoding Specify the document encoding (same as %!encoding)
--rc Reads the user config file (default ON)
--css-suggar Makes the code CSS-friendly for HTML and XHTML
--no-style Turns off --style
--no-toc Turns off --toc
--no-toc-only Turns off --toc-only
--no-enum-title Turns off --enum-title
--no-mask-email Turns off --mask-email
--no-encoding Turns off --encoding
--no-rc Turns off --rc
--no-infile Turns off --infile
--no-outfile Turns off --outfile
--no-css-suggar Turns off --css-suggar

Optional anchor for titles

The program was internationalized (i18n)

Other Great News

The heading says it all.

Graphical Interface redesigned and customizable

Web Interface improved

New "txt2tags powered" button

Informative messages about the conversion

New --dump-config option

New mark for raw text area

New %!include type for raw text

Txt2tags source code rewritten

Txt2tags Python module

Improvements on Targets

Man Page target (man)

MoinMoin target (moin)

LaTeX target (tex)

HTML target (html)

MagicPoint target (mgp)


New little things on the tarball that will make your life better.

Now you know who make what on the txt2tags development team.

The Brazilian Portuguese documentation, including User Guide, samples, RULES and man page.

Three sample CSS files already applied to the txt2tags sample file.

A short and quick document showing the CSS attributes and its parameters. One per line, 'grep' friendly.

A simple Shell script to automatize the conversion of files in a directory. It scans and convert only the .t2t that has changed since the last conversion. There some options to use, as an interactive mode.

A powerful Ruby script that automatize the conversion of txt2tags files. It scans directories, convert needed files and generate logs. It also has a nice batch feature, to store different sets of configurations.

The nano editor syntax highlight rules for txt2tags marks.

The Kate editor syntax highlight rules for txt2tags marks.

The Vim editor config file for using the single command ':make' to convert the opened document.


Now that you have read it all,

  1. Download the new version

  2. Enjoy!