Txt2tags is a Python script, so you must have Python installed in order to run it.

You can download only the script itself, which is self-contained with no external dependencies, or you can download the package (tarball or Zip) that also contains documentation, tools and examples.

txt2tags version 2.6:

txt2tags version 2.7-dev:

txt2tags version 3.x:

Which txt2tags version to use?

If you only have Python 2.4 or older available, use txt2tags version 2.6.

If you only have Python 3.5 or newer available, use txt2tags version 3.x.

If you have both Python 2 and 3 available, read about the differences between txt2tags 2.7-dev and 3.x to make your choice.

Ready to install packages

For many systems, you already have the txt2tags package available. Just install it the usual way.