Many supported formats

  1. ASCII Art text
  2. AsciiDoc document
  3. Creole 1.0 document
  4. DocBook document
  5. DokuWiki page
  6. Google Code Wiki page
  7. HTML document
  8. LaTeX document
  9. Lout document
  10. MagicPoint presentation (mgp)
  11. MoinMoin page
  12. PageMaker document
  13. Plain text
  14. PmWiki page
  15. SGML document
  16. UNIX manual page (manpage)
  17. Wikipedia page (MediaWiki)
  18. XHTML document

...and even more in GitHub!

Add your favorite format, it's easy.



More than just code

Minimalist markup

Diet Python

Simple but not limited


Thank you for making txt2tags. It's simplicity is truly beautiful.
-- Jan Lübke (Germany)

Txt2tags outperforms every other markup I know.
-- Frank Müller (Germany)

I should have discovered this tool years ago!
-- Gert Olie

I absolutely love this program and it becomes more fun to use the longer I use it.
-- Little Girl

This is perfect!
-- Felix Hummel (Germany)

I investigated DocBook, Wiki's, plain text, RTF, reStructured Text... and txt2tags is the winner.
-- Stefano Spinucci (Italy)

Txt2tags is the only way I would ever write a man-page.
-- Christof Boeckler (Germany)

Txt2tags is THE defition of KIS*S*. Congrats!
-- Nikos Kouremenos (Greece)

It indeed takes no more than 5 minutes to get used to the markup syntax and generated files compile flawlessly.
-- Davor Svetinovic

I really looked at several commercial and Open Source doc publishing solutions including FrameMaker / WebWorks, MS Word + Html, Pdf Plugins. None was flexible enough like txt2tags.
-- Rahul Bhargava (United States)

Txt2tags, the last markup you will ever learn. Hope so :)