A quick guide showing the new features for this version. For a complete list of all the changes, see the ChangeLog.

Contents of this document (using %%toc):

New %%toc macro

The %%toc macro specifies where the TOC of the document will be placed. So you can place it wherever needed inside the document.

NOTE: %%toc will be expanded only when given the --toc option


New %%infile and %%outfile macros

The %%infile and %%outfile macros are used to get information about the source and converted file. Useful for footer link like "[See source %%infile]" and self mentioning like "This is the %%outfile file". So you can change the filename and the references to it will be updated.




%<char> Description Output for /tmp/txt2tags/mydoc.t2t
%f The file name mydoc.t2t
%F The file name (without extension) mydoc
%e The file extension t2t
%p The absolute file path /tmp/txt2tags/mydoc.t2t
%d The file path (directories only) /tmp/txt2tags
%D The file path (parent dir only) txt2tags
%% The literal percent char %

New %%mtime macro

The %%mtime macro gets information about the source file modification time. It uses the same formatters accepted by the %%date macro.



Now an empty item closes the current list

The two blank lines are currently used to close all the open lists. Now there is a lighter alternative, which closes only the currently opened list or sublist. Just leave an empty list item.


New options -q and --quiet

They are used for quiet operation, where txt2tags shows no messages on the STDOUT. Can be disabled with the --no-quiet option.

Option --toc-only now respecting --outfile

Historically, the --toc-only option always dumped the TOC to the STDOUT. Now, if --outfile was also specified, the TOC is saved to that file. If no --outfile was specified, or if "-o -" was given, the TOC is sent to the STDOUT.

Program Translated to New Languages

Besides English and Portuguese, now the program interface and messages are also translated to:

Add your language! Get this potfile and translate the messages. More info on the i18n README file.

Documentation News


What about the TOC repeated at the end? Strange, but now you can:

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