A quick guide showing the new features for this version. For a complete list of all the changes, see the ChangeLog.

New target: Lout

About Lout:

Lout is a document format that is similar to LaTeX. The text is tagged using "@tag{}" instead "\tag{}" and can generate formulas, figures, graphics, tables and more. Its power is compared to LaTeX and it is more compact and simple to use. But Lout is not so known and don't have a huge user base. Please go to the Lout site for more information: http://snark.ptc.spbu.ru/~uwe/lout/

The lout command (available for UNIX and Linux) convert the .lout files to Postscript (.ps), PDF and clear text. Now with txt2tags generating Lout files, you just have to use the lout command to create professional documents, with paging and index.

Note: The table support is not done yet.

New option --css-inside

With the -style option you can use external CSS files in your HTML and XHTML documents to improve their appearance. Using together the new --css-inside option all the CSS file contents is embedded into the (X)HTML document headers. This way all the contents and formatting are saved on the same file, so you don't have to provide the separate CSS file.

This feature is useful when you need to use CSS formatting in a single (X)HTML file, so you can distribute just one file (HTML) and not two (HTML+CSS).

New environment variable T2TCONFIG

The program now searches for the RC configuration file location on the T2TCONFIG environment variable.

If it exists, the configurations are read from the file path it is informing. If not, the default places are tried: ~/.txt2tagsrc on Linux and %homepath%\_t2trc on Windows.

Program Translated to New Languages

Besides the current languages, now the program interface and messages are also translated to:

Add your language! Get this potfile and translate the messages. More info on the i18n README file.


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