The Children

This page collects websites using txt2tags. It used to be bigger in the past, but several homepages disappeared since the first release of this list.

But what is really cool about this page, is how this big table is generated.

Take a look at the page source and learn how to use insane Pre Processing filters to compose a database and generate the table automatically.

(source) Txt2tags Site english
- Txt2tags for Windows Project Site english
(source) Txt2regex Site english
(source) Funções ZZ Site portuguese
- Guaracy Monteiro's Ruby Site portuguese
- Bygfoot - A Football Management Game for Linux english
- TinyCOBOL FAQ english
- eyeD3 ID3 tags Python module homepage english
(source) Txt2tags for PDAs Linux Project Site english
(source) RAC Site portuguese
(source) SedSed Site english
- OpenChatNav Site portuguese
(source) pyNetConv - Network Conversion Tool english
- High Precision Arithmetic Library english
- Numdiff Site english
(source) Anahy - High Performance Computing programming environment english
- Syzygy Documentation english
- Fachwerk Site german
- CachedObjects Site english
- Quivi - Image / Comic / Manga reader portuguese
- Lua Built-In program (L-Bia) english
- Tryton ERP english
- The Z-Machine Preservation Project english
- Full 100-page Regex Book (t2t -> sgml -> sgml2html) portuguese
(source) Full Squid Guide portuguese
- C Programming Tutorial portuguese
(source) Dialog in Shell Scripts Guide portuguese
(source) Bash Programming Reference Tables portuguese
(source) Crafty 19 Documentation Translation portuguese
(source) Using custom ebuilds with gentoo english
- Using Microsoft Visual Fox Pro in Linux portuguese
(source) Gentoo Linux Documentation portuguese
(source) Using Winplot portuguese
- Lots of technical Linux articles portuguese
(source) C Arrays and Pointers Tutorial portuguese
(source) Programming Contest Info portuguese
- TheFallen's Techie Documents (all the links) portuguese
- Thobias' Techie Documents (all the links) portuguese
(source) Eric Forgeot UNIX page french
- CMPH - C Minimal Perfect Hashing Library english
(source) Inform et les jeux d'aventure textuels en français french
- Christof Böckler german
- Hubert Chan english
(source) Derik van Zütphen english
(source) Sérgio F. Lima portuguese
- Fabio Machado de Oliveira portuguese
- Geraldo Ribeiro portuguese
(source) Fábio Fagundes Silveira english
(source) Fernando Santana Pacheco portuguese
(source) Rafael Lopes portuguese
- Gerson Geraldo H. Cavalheiro english
(source) Daniel Darlen portuguese
- Dave Fancella english
(source) Abby Pan chinese
- Site de Claude Hiebel french
- Jim Brown english
(source) Full HACK.ORG Site english
- Full LINUXREVIEWS.ORG Site english
- EE5627 Optical Fiber Communication Class Home Page english
(source) Math course tests portuguese
(source) IC-UNICAMP - MC823AB Class Site portuguese
- Instituto do Desenvolvimento do Potencial Humano portuguese
- Daitech Indústria Eletrônica portuguese
- Welding Enterprise Site portuguese
- Music under Linux - MagicPoint presentation english
(source) EEL 7300 Eletronics Course Page portuguese
- IPS Site portuguese
- English for Reading portuguese
(source) WSCAD 2006 portuguese
(source) Halebarde et Gonfanon (Halberd and Gonfalone) french & english
(source) Le Charron et les Quatres Chevaliers (PDF) french
- B2CK english
(source) La fiction interactive francophone french